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Autologica DMS July Update

Here are some of the new features included in the July 2020 release of Autologica DMS.

New process to generate purchase orders and request vehicles from the OEM

This new feature allows for a more dynamic preparation of vehicle purchase orders for the OEM. By selecting each of the models, their different colors (exterior and interior), and the quantity to order, you can automatically create both the purchase orders and the vehicles.

Each vehicle is generated with its purchase order number (with a predefined structure), allowing you to track each vehicle until it arrives at the dealership.

Modifications to the ‘Service/Parts Summary’ report

  • Both Parts sales (last purchase cost), and Parts sales (replacement cost) are now shown in the report
  • Service Advisors can now sort labor sales
  • The ROs (qty) column has been divided into Open and Closed repair orders
  • The new ‘Assigned Appointments’ chart shows the number of appointments scheduled and the average assignment time

Appoint365 and DealerTablet | Message for alerts

There is a new link between the customer information in Autologica DMS, Appoint365, and DealerTablet. When receiving a vehicle or scheduling an appointment, customer preferences are shown so that the Service Advisor can better serve the customer. For example, a customer may prefer to keep parts that have been replaced during a service.

Updates to the John Deere Parts Advisor interface

Modifications have been made to simplify the Parts Advisor interface. This interface allows adding parts to purchase orders, sales orders and quotes through an input file that follows a specific structure.