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Autologica DMS January Update

Here are some of the new features included in the January 2020 release of Autologica DMS.

Control dead parts stock across warehouses

When a customer orders parts from the dealership, Autologica DMS will search for those parts at other warehouses where they may have older inventory. By searching for parts with lower turnover at other locations, the DMS helps you sell parts that might otherwise not be sold.

Pre-shipments for parts importers

Parts importers can segment parts orders into several partial deliveries as the OEM ships them. In this way, the dealer can anticipate the total of undelivered parts, which is essential information for the DMS’s parts order suggestion feature.

Value vehicle inventory in foreign currency

The Account Vehicle Inventory report was modified so it can reconstruct the amounts of the informed vehicles in foreign currency. These changes allow for vehicle stock valuation in foreign currency, as well as in your local currency.