Autologica BI as a Turning Point in a Data-driven Dealership Strategy

In all the discussions we have with our customers, there is a common point regarding Autologica BI: the significant time savings it helps bring about. In today's frenetic times, every additional minute is crucial, and having an analytical tool that reduces manual and avoidable tasks is fundamental.

Fontes is an official Chevrolet dealership in Uruguay with an impressive century of history behind it. Founded in the 1920s, the dealership has since grown and accumulated extensive experience and a track record that now translates into the trust and commitment of its customers.

To continue growing, they chose Autologica Sky DMS as their dealer management software and have also implemented Autologica BI to to unleash the power of the daily data generated in the dealership.

“When analyzing reports, we used to create and use pivot tables in Excel spreadsheets; with Autologica BI, real-time visualization is incomparable to what we used before. When I meet with middle management, I use Autologica BI to view, analyze, and display key indicators.”

Guillermo Mendez, General Manager | Fontes

Making Daily Decisions Based on Real Data

Autologica BI helps managers quickly understand the status of key indicators in each department. It allows them to view daily billing as well as year-over-year comparisons, analyze sales trends and margins for each department, and determine if the dealership is on track to meet its objectives.

Autologica BI

“We use the the Sales Dashboard every day. When meeting with any department head, I already have the data filtered for their sector to have all the necessary information at that precise moment and take concrete actions.”

Guillermo Mendez, General Manager | Fontes

The DMS for Managing the Dealership, Plus the Decision-Making Power of Data

Managers need data that serves as a platform from which to make decisions that improve sales, increase results, optimize processes, and eliminate recurring problems. Autologica BI provides that information, but at the same time, it is the order, organization, and automation of the DMS that help turn data into conclusions.

“BI is the best presentation tool and a great luxury that Autologica provides. In Uruguay, I don’t know of any other DMS that can use the power of information as Autologica BI does. Additionally, the implementation of BI was spectacular, without any setbacks and with all processes completed successfully.”

Guillermo Mendez, General Manager | Fontes