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Autologica BI | Analysis in Different Currencies

An important aspect of a BI tool is the ability to analyze the same values in different currencies. This t is essential for vehicle and equipment dealers.

Each panel in Autologica BI can be viewed in two currencies, allowing the analyst to know, for example, the revenue of each department in local currency and in a reference currency.

The importance of analyzing in two currencies

Take the case of a machinery dealer who analyzes equipment sales revenue, and concludes that between 2018 and 2019 there was a 250% increase in sales.

However, the same analysis performed in foreign currency finds that the increase in sales was not 250%, but 145%. How do we explain this? Inflation, for example. It is much easier to detect this type of variation if we have all the income statements in both currencies.

These conclusions provided by Autologica BI will allow you to make more accurate and appropriate decisions.