Autologica and Valtra in the Development of Websites for Agricultural Equipment Dealers

We are pleased to announce that after great teamwork with Valtra, the network dealers now have professional, modern, and self-managed websites, integrated with the corporate site of the brand. 

We take pride in the fact that Valtra chose us to design their dealer websites. This project will enable dealer websites included in this project to be adjusted and aligned to Valtra’s standards, visual style, usability, and user experience. In addition, Valtra can ensure that products displayed on each website will always be aligned with what is published on the corporate website.

Valtra’s dealer websites were developed using Dealer Web Manager, a solution developed by Autologica, that offers multiple advantages to dealers:

  • Central news and image repository approved by the manufacturer
  • Central product repository
  • Web services interface with corporate site
  • Official corporate identity
  • Websites in different languages
  • Responsive design with mobile version for each website

Dealer Web Manager uses cutting-edge technology, from responsive web design to offer the user an optimal experience from their computer, tablet or smartphone, to real-time interfaces through XML and web services to integrate the dealer website with the brand’s corporate website.

Valtra official dealerships from Argentina uses Autologica Dealer Web Manager. They are professional, modern, self-managing websites and integrated with the brand's corporate web sites.

Other Competitive Advantages of Dealer Web Manager

Strategic Positioning

Each website has automated SEO (search engine optimization) to improve positioning in search engines. Websites comply with the changing standards of Google and other main search engines.

Approved Product Information

The manufacturer determines product and parts information which is automatically published on each dealer website. Not all dealers sell all products. The manufacturer can select which products are displayed on each dealer website.

Google Analytics to Measure Performance

The manufacturer can analyze website performance of the entire dealer network using Google Analytics.