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A DMS that Helps you Focus on Strategy, Without Worrying About the Daily Grind

Stepping out of one's comfort zone can be difficult and even uncomfortable. But it can also become a shortcut to rewarding scenarios. To make that transition, leaders are needed, but if these individuals are preoccupied with everyday problems, recurring errors, tedious manual tasks, it is impossible to move forward.

The right DMS can help managers carve out extra hours so they can define (and achieve) challenging goals.

Dealership data… refined

Managers shouldn’t have to continually send out emails asking for metrics, reports, or indicators. Autologica Sky DMS provides information that is accessible online through its analytics app. All you must do is log in to find out how things are going and what needs to be corrected.

Traceable and optimized parts inventory

There’s no need to worry about irregular situations that may arise in each department; Autologica traces every action and lets managers define permissions to indicate who can access sensitive data.

Integrations with OEMs to eliminate manual tasks

Updating prices, models, colors, units… sending daily, monthly reports… spending hundreds of hours on these manual tasks is a thing of the past, replaced by standardized interfaces with the most important OEMs.

Multi-currency accounting, invoicing, cashiers and banks, in real time

Now you can work at your dealership with different currencies, in real time and automatically, without the need to perform manual processes at the end of the month.

Autologica Sky DMS
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Automated customer communications

Autologica continuously detects events to trigger automatic communications with customers: service appointment reminders, vehicle-ready notifications, account statements, invoices, and much more.

Autologica Sky DMS has over 50 configurable alerts | Learn more

Omnichannel support

Autologica provides an omnichannel support strategy that includes a free e-learning platform, a knowledge base with predictive searches, monthly training sessions, and professional dedicated support staff to accompany you every day.

Your data is always yours, but we protect them from threats as if they were our own

One key aspect of Autologica Sky DMS is that it will always grant you access to all your data, even if one day you decide to stop using our DMS. Data is always yours, and we apply multiple layers of defense against external intrusions, hacking, and ransomware.

We understand that your dealership will grow; Sky DMS is prepared

Autologica is a configurable DMS that adapts to the workflows of each brand, type, and size of dealership. The advantage of not being a one-size-fits-all product is that we adapt to you, not the other way around. Some of our best users that take the most advantage of Sky DMS are large dealer groups that manage multiple brands and over fifty stores.

When all these points work in harmony, managers can have time to invest in growth strategies. That’s why we believe a DMS is more than a management system; it is a key element for a culture of innovation, efficiency, and productivity.