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7 Unique DMS Features That Streamline Tasks 

The difference between a generic ERP and a DMS (dealership management system) isn't apparent in everyday tasks, but in the satisfactory resolution of specific business situations. In this article, we delve into some of these differentiating features.

A DMS extends beyond invoicing, stock control, sales, purchases, and other key processes common to all industries. In addition to resolving these processes, a DMS addresses situations unique to the automotive industry, and Autologica Sky DMS boasts an array of dealership-specific features. 


Quickly Knowing Which Vehicles Are Available for Sale 

Salespeople require fast and comprehensive access to information on available vehicles for sale, grouped by model, color, equipment level, and physical location. This can be quickly achieved in Autologica Sky DMS, from the Vehicle Sales module as well as from Tracker CRM. With just a few clicks, salespeople can view this information in real-time to have more tools when offering vehicles to their customers. 

Insight Overview in Tracker CRM
Autologica Sky DMS Report Overview
DepotAgingStock N°CodeModelYearVINColorInterior Color
Warehouse42704884Buster Premium 20232023KMERA001…B65 BronzeBrown
Showroom50654889Buster PREM 32024ENCO456W4…R2T SilverBlack

Eliminating Duplicate Data Entry 

This is a recurring problem. How often do you hear complaints from salespeople about having to enter information in the CRM and then re-enter it into the system? There are many examples of this problem, and Autologica Sky DMS detects and eliminates that duplicate data entry forever. 

  • Integrations with brands to update models, vehicles, jobs, etc. 
  • Integration with major CRMs: Salesforce, Pilot, Tracker CRM, etc. 
  • Unique customer and vehicle across the entire system, meaning that once information is entered into the DMS, it is visible from any store or workshop. 
  • And more… 

Instantly Adding the Parts Needed for Each Job 

Autologica Sky DMS allows specific parts to be related to each type of job. For example, for the “Replace hydraulic cylinder” job, the “Hydraulic cylinder” part can be related. When creating a repair order, this means all parts related to each job will be added with a single click. This avoids errors, saves time, and streamlines processes. 

Tip: to further streamline workshop operations, Autologica Sky DMS, manuals can be easily imported; each brand groups the jobs typically performed for each model into “Service Manuals”. These manuals describe the jobs that make up each service, with a breakdown of the step-by-step process to perform them and, in some cases, the parts required for that job. 

Anticipating Customer Needs 

In the current industry scenario, where after-sales service emerges as a major player, owners and managers need tools to capture 100% of their customers’ services.  

The goal of Autologica’s Service Marketing features is for the dealership to generate and perform all the work their customers will need during the lifespan of their vehicles. This is achieved through calculations that estimate when it will be necessary to reach out to the customer to anticipate a service. This makes it much easier to create call campaigns and have reminders to offer each customer what they don’t yet know they need. 

Instantly Understanding the Reasons for Lost Parts Sales  

When a customer or the workshop requests a part and that demand cannot be met, it is considered a lost sale. This lost sale must be recorded to understand the reasons behind it: price, out-of-stock, response time, etc.  

Lost sales will always exist and there is no way to eliminate them from the map, although practices can be promoted to reduce their frequency, and the DMS is a great ally in that task. Autologica Sky DMS helps solve this issue and saves time in loading valuable information for inventory and purchasing management. Lost sales can be recorded with a single click, identifying whether they were a demand from the counter or from the workshop. 

Easily Managing Recall Campaigns 

Dealerships are very aware of the concept of “recalls”; these are actions that, at the request of the Factory, must be performed on vehicles due to defects or problems that could potentially be harmful to drivers. To facilitate the management of these campaigns, Autologica Sky DMS allows VINs that are reported by the OEM when there are active campaigns to be imported massively. Then, when receiving a unit that requires a repair, an alert will be triggered informing the services that must be performed on the vehicle. 

Working With Financing Plans and Managing Them Through the DMS 

Financial plans, particularly for vehicles, allow the customer’s purchase to be financed in installments. Autologica Sky DMS facilitates this management through different methods, for example, with direct interest and the French amortization system, among others. 

This feature optimizes key tasks related to plan management: 

  • Load plans and settlements 
  • Collect installments from a settlement 
  • Incorporate expense concepts (forms, stamps, etc.) into the installment schedule 
  • Automatically reassign financed amounts 
  • Automatically calculate late fees 

These are just some of the features and facilities provided by a DMS to a dealership. If you want to know more, we invite you to schedule a demo with us today.