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3 Tips to Get the Most Out of our Relationship with the Customer

The goal of every salesperson in the dealership is to close the deal with each prospect. However, sometimes the customer leaves without purchasing a vehicle and the dealership never learns the cause of the lost sale. Management may know that the sales staff does their job and contacts each prospect, but lingering doubts remain…

  • What exactly happens in each interaction between Sales and the prospect?
  • Are all the steps of the sales process being taken?
  • What happens with all of the prospect and customer data if the salesperson happens to quit?

Two ways to deal with these situations is by professionalizing the sales team, and by improving our sales and customer acquisition processes. This should go hand in hand with the adoption of best practices and a DMS that makes the most of the dealership database. This will allow us, for example, to analyze sales reports and see in which stage the sales process we are losing sales.

Improve communication with each prospect and customer

The CRM module of a DMS lets us perform personalized follow-up with each customer and prospect. A good CRM will allow management to see:

  • A list of prospects each salesperson is managing
  • Prospect status reports
  • Complaints management
  • In which stage each sale was lost

Record the information of every prospect, customer and contact

Feeding the dealership database is the responsibility of each employee. When a customer buys parts or visits the Service Department, they must be considered as a potential vehicle customer.

Furthermore, every time a vehicle sale is closed, the CRM can let you set alarms to remind us to contact the customer at various intervals, for example, to remind them about a scheduled service before the expiration date of their warranty, or to tell them about a special offer.

Another benefit is that the dealership ensures that all the information gathered from customers and prospects remains in the company database instead of in personal agendas and notebooks.

Train the sales team

Training the sales team in the use of our CRM increases their sales success rate. There are many points to bear in mind when contacting a customer, since each contact matters in the sale process. A salesperson that keeps track of each prospect, sets alarms to call them, builds a close and professional relationship, updates the CRM database, and makes sure that every prospect goes through all the sale stages, will sell more. The sales process is just as important as individual selling ability.