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3 Musts for Dealership Managers

When a dealership grows, it needs to make two decisions: use the appropriate tools to accompany and enhance growth, and give each manager a global view of departmental performance. 

In this article we look at 3 best practices for dealership managers, along with three technological solutions that they should consider. 

Measure Every Store, Every Workshop, Every Business Unit 

The more access managers have to the right information, the better decisions they can make. But do managers have a way to look at the data for each store and each department? Is the information clear and easily accessible?  

Each manager must have access to the KPIs for their departments in order to make decisions. In addition, the information should be in a standardized format. Otherwise, as much work will be invested in preparing the information as in analyzing it. 


  • PDF with sales for the Santa Monica branch 
  • Excel with sales for the Newport branch 
  • XML with sales for the main dealership


  • Sales report with data for all branches including the main store 

Managers and the CEO should not have to spend time copying and pasting spreadsheets…  quite the opposite, they should be focusing on drawing real-time insights to set the course for the dealership. This difference between data and information defines the success of the business.

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Stricter Controls 

Another need that comes with the growth of the dealership is for stricter controls, and not only at the user/permissions level. Payments are a critical task that requires attention. When the dealership has a large administrative department and multiple stores, it needs to put in place automatic controls. 

A DMS should allow a payment process with user authorizations; this is a relief for controllers as it will ensure that payments are not made without the necessary approvals. 

Improve the Relationship Between Departments 

A vehicle arrives at the workshop and the service advisor generates the repair order; assigns it to a technician who adds parts and jobs, and then returns unused parts; finally, the repair order is closed, and the customer is invoiced. Although this seems like just a few steps, this daily process includes movements of inventory, money and time that must be traced, optimized and analyzed. 

These tasks must be registered in the DMS, which will guarantee that all the information provided by the service advisor (first link in the process) is automatically reflected in the Parts Department (indicating the necessary parts) and in Administration (the amount to be invoiced). 

The right technological solution accompanied by a manager’s analysis guarantee synergy between departments. And the momentum that results from this successful combination is key to continued growth. 

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