What Used to Take Twelve Hours Now Takes Just One 

We talked with Ricardo Miretti, Remonda Castro's Parts Manager, to learn about his experience and the advantages of using Autologica BI. 

Remonda Castro is an official John Deere dealer located in Rafaela (Santa Fe, Argentina). The company has more than 60 years of experience in the industry, and this is reflected in its consolidation as a market leader, with the most complete line of machinery including 10 product lines and 40 machinery models. Since 2005 they have used Autologica DMS as their dealer management system and recently included Autologica BI to measure key performance indicators. 

We talked with Ricardo Miretti, Remonda Castro’s Parts Manager, to learn about his experience and the advantages of using Autologica BI

Less Time Putting Together Reports, More Time Making Decisions 

It’s a solution that helps us make decisions, and it´s just a click away, both for me as a manager and for the company’s principals. 

We were using a dashboard in Excel that we fed with information that was extracted from Autologica. Of course, you had to massage the data in the spreadsheet; each KPI took a lot of time to get right. For example, we had a dashboard that was more like a daily report that I sent twice a week to our five points of sale, with sales targets for parts and consumables (lubricants, batteries, etc.) 

Not only do we save time, but we can now continuously and accurately track what is happening at each point of sale because the dashboards are automatically updated every day.  

The remarkable thing after implementing Autologica BI is that we no longer must manually assemble the reports, nor are there delays due to lack of data updating. It used to take me an hour and a half to assemble each dashboard, to be able to see the various parts families and their sales, and each part in particular, etc… it now only takes me 15 minutes.  

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Daily Work With Autologica BI 

We have a monthly dashboard per store and a global one, where the information of the 5 branches is summarized and where we can see the sales goals. The global one is the one I share with the company´s principals, and if they need to see specific objectives they can filter for each store.

At the dealership we have annual objectives that include sales for the entire year of parts and consumables, and we see that information in Autologica BI. In addition, we have 4 field representatives (RACs) who have their own parts sales objectives, and we see that in a specific dashboard that can also be filtered by RAC to see annual sales. 

Autologica BI helps us detect where we are doing well and where we are weak, so we can focus more and increase sales. It is a solution that helps us make decisions, and it’s just a click away, both for me and for the company´s owners. Before, we needed to hold hour-long meetings explaining all of this, but now it can be summed up with one click in Autologica BI. The dealership’s principals today have much easier access to information and decisions are made faster than before. 

When you detect opportunities is when you gain not only time but also money. It is quite different to find out about a situation at the beginning of the month, than at the end.