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20 Minutes Saved on Each Budget 

Optimize your dealership's operations with Autologica's Parts Advisor integration. By seamlessly integrating with John Deere's Parts Advisor, Autologica Sky DMS empowers you to achieve efficiency improvements that can save your team valuable time and drive productivity.

Boost efficiency in your dealership with Autologica’s Parts Advisor integration 

Optimize your dealership’s operations with Autologica’s Parts Advisor integration. By seamlessly integrating with John Deere’s Parts Advisor, Autologica Sky DMS empowers you to achieve efficiency improvements that can save your team valuable time and drive productivity. 

? Streamline Daily Tasks: Say goodbye to time-consuming manual entry processes. With Autologica’s Parts Advisor integration, you can import part codes requested by customers directly into quotes and orders with just a few clicks. Imagine effortlessly importing an entire list of 50 part codes in one go, eliminating the need for tedious and error-prone individual data entry. 

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Error-Free Operations: By eliminating typing errors that often occur during manual data entry, you can ensure accurate and error-free records. With the Parts Advisor integration, you can confidently serve your customers and minimize any potential mistakes that can result in costly rework or customer dissatisfaction

⏱️ Time Savings that Matter: Let’s talk about saving time—the most precious resource in any busy dealership. Imagine reducing the time spent on manual registration of parts orders by at least 20 minutes per quote. This means your team can redirect their energy towards more impactful tasks, such as providing exceptional customer service or focusing on sales strategies that drive revenue. 

We can now massively insert the part codes that the customer wants to purchase at once, avoiding the need to load them into the document one by one. This eliminates typing errors and, most importantly, saves time by streamlining the registration of parts orders. For example, in a quote with 50 items… we save at least 20 minutes of manual entry.

Jorge Bernardi, Parts Advisor | Andrés Parra & Co., official John Deere dealership. 

? Drive Profitability: Autologica’s Parts Advisor integration isn’t just about efficiency—it’s about boosting your bottom line. By automating and streamlining processes, you can improve dealership performance, optimize resource allocation, and capitalize on new revenue-generating opportunities. With more time on your side, you can maximize productivity and increase customer satisfaction, ultimately driving higher profits. 

? Autologica Sky DMS is the ultimate solution for auto dealership management, offering more than 50 interfaces with leading automotive and agricultural/construction machinery OEMs. Explore how Autologica’s comprehensive suite of integrations can revolutionize your dealership operations, streamline workflows, and unlock new levels of efficiency. 

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