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The Benefits of Software Designed Specifically for the Automotive Industry

Maisonnave & Co. is an official Ford dealership with a history of over 20 years of presence in Coronel Suarez and Coronel Pringles, in the province of Buenos Aires. They implemented Autologica Sky DMS in 2009 to manage their multi-location auto dealership.

We spoke with the Maisonnave team to see what they valued most about our cloud-based DMS. Here’s what they said.

We save time accessing information

Before Autologica Sky DMS, we had to go to multiple places to find the information we needed to make decisions. Now we can quickly access what we need for each department.

Improved processes.

The DMS was essential to improve and adjust many business processes and daily procedures.

Automated customer accounts.

The automatic assembly of customer current account reports at the end of the month and their mailing is a standout feature.

Improved workshop appointment management.

The Services team is very happy with Appoint365, the online scheduling tool that manages service appointments.

Improved parts inventory management.

We’re saving time and money every month with the parts features of Sky DMS.

Ford reports

The DMS generates the reports we need to send to Ford, through the system’s factory approved interfaces.

Excellent support

Autologica’s support is excellent; whenever we have an issue they respond immediately and solve it quickly.