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Solutions that Save Time and Increase Sales 

Andres Parra and Co. is an official John Deere agricultural equipment dealership that has been operating since 1962. They have three locations throughout Chaco province in Argentina, and use Autologica DMS as their business management solution.

We spoke with the Parra dealership team members to learn about their experience with two key tools: Tracker CRM and Autologica BI (business intelligence). 

Here are some features that the Parra team highlights.  

Autologica BI 

Preparing reports went from 30 minutes each to just one click.

  • Before Autologica BI, we had to prepare spreadsheets for customer information, sales, parts, and equipment, and then set up filters, dynamic graphs and filters to make sense of the data. Now it takes one click to see everything. We save half an hour per report. 
  • We also now have separate reports and KPIs for each dealership department… machinery, parts and services. This information is used to plan campaigns and to contact customers. 

Top reports:

  • Sales Department: this report shows us what machinery each customer has, so we can offer them training, other types of equipment, and related products.  
  • Parts Department: here we are interested in analyzing each family of products to know the sales of previous years, see how sales are progressing this year, to whom we’ve sold, what quantity was sold, who were the sellers, what else they sold, etc. 
  • Services Department: here we look for machinery that is a certain age and we use that information to offer services, products, and discounts to each client. 
  • Campaigns: during harvesting season, we look at groups or families of products: batteries, lubricants, grease. From this information, we investigate, for example, the evolution of sales in amount and quantity, comparing one month against the prior month or the same month of the previous year. This helps us see variations, if sales improved or decreased…. so we can ask: what was the problem? what makes a year “good” or “bad”? 

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Tracker CRM 

The advantages of an industry-ready CRM

The Parra team also uses Tracker CRM (integrated with Autologica DMS), to manage their sales efforts. 

“Tracker CRM improves the sales process, both by saving time and by setting a more organized way of recording data“.

Julián Gastiazoro, Marketing Specialist at Andres Parra & Co. 

 Implementing Tracker CRM resulted in: 

  • Time savings in analysis, processes, and data loading. 
  • Possibility of working with both leads and opportunities. 
  • Knowledge of everything that happens in the dealership’s sales department. 
  • Possibility of segmenting contacts and leads by business unit (new or used machinery, savings plans, etc.). 
  • Analyzing the sales funnels to improve conversion rates between stages. 
  • Possibility to use the tool remotely.