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Quick Alerts: 4 advantages of Using Automated Communications

As a dealership grows, and more and more information is generated, it becomes increasingly complex to monitor and audit each department.

Modern DMS tools have automated features that can help, by auditing dealership operations and distributing strategic information to stakeholders. What are the advantages of these automatic alerts?

1. Help dealers take action

Autologica’s Quick Alerts module includes over 20 configurable alerts, such as:

  • Inform a customer when their parts have arrived
  • Alert the Parts Manager when a part’s inventory drops below the reorder point
  • Pending sales orders

2. Detects money leaks

Dealers also face many potential money-losing situations due to the difficulty of monitoring and auditing operations. In the service department, for example, without exhaustive control over repair orders. we may be losing large amounts of money.

These Quick Alerts can help:

  • Alert the Service Manager when a repair order has been open too long
  • Alert the Parts Manager when parts have been taken from inventory but not invoiced after N days
  • Invoiced repair orders: are departmental goals on track?

3. Track the sales team

Quick Alerts can keep the Sales Manager informed on the progress of the sales team, based on different variables:

  • Tracking objectives of each sales team member
  • Overdue tasks
  • Evolution of opportunity stages
  • Commercial conditions that are about to expire

4. Improve the relationship with customers

Customers today prefer to make inquiries through the Internet or their smartphones, so it is necessary to adapt to that habit. Quick Alerts can help by automating the sharing of information with customers:

  • Automatically send invoices to customers
  • Automatically send account summaries to customers
  • Let customers know about due and overdue
  • Tell a customer when their credit limit has been reached
  • Tell a customer when their account has been suspended

Automated Quick Alerts can free up many valuable hours every month, improve interactions with customers, and help you save money.