Monitor Workshop, Increase Performance

Mansilla Group is a leader in automotive service and parts sales. They provide a wide array of services to a diverse clientele that includes national and international corporations, as well as individual vehicle owners.

Mansilla Group wanted a way to record each day’s work, from the moment they received a vehicle until the customer picked it up.

They achieved this by implementing Autologica Sky DMS with the Job Clock Touchscreen module, which allows each service technician to easily record every job and activity they are involved in.

“We need to stay at the forefront. Other workshops record job hours by hand on the back of the repair order… to us, that is uncontrollable”.

With the touchscreen monitor, Mansilla Group service techs need just a few seconds to indicate exactly what they are doing, whether it be vehicle repair work, assistance to other departments, workshop cleaning, and even if they are waiting for a part.

“We can instantly see the status of each vehicle… if it’s being worked on, if it’s been paused for a moment, if they are waiting for a part. We monitor this through Autologica and also personally”.

By recording everything, Autologica DMS lets management monitor key performance indicators and analyze results in order to make decisions geared towards optimizing workshop occupancy.

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“We use management reports related to the Job Clock. For example, I look at a Usage report where we measure hours worked and hours invoiced, and from there we can calculate workshop performance indicators”.

With Autologica, it’s now easy for the dealer to calculate how many of the total available hours are effectively being used on Repair Orders, how many are invoiced to customers, and the efficiency of each technician.

The importance of the Job Clock Touchscreen module is not only the usefulness of the reports, but also its ease-of-use.

  • Everyone adapted very fast, the system is easy to use.
  • The system was adopted quickly, it took us no more than 3 or 4 days for us to organize everything.
  • The system is practical yet easy-to-use.

Deploy a Dealer Management System With Good Support.

“When we had to choose which DMS to deploy, there were several providers, but the main problem with software systems is that they tend to have poor support. The first thing we inquired about was Autologica’s after-sales service”.

The dealer found a solution with a DMS company that does not outsource support. On the contrary, Autologica support reps have deep knowledge of the system and dealer business processes in order to quickly respond to customer support issues.

  • An account rep personally assigned to each dealer
  • Free telephone access
  • Support via e-mail, chat, and web tools
  • Access to Autologica’s web-based Help Area
  • Training videos
  • Basic Training: 60+ brief Internet courses (e-learning) on the most important processes in each department

“In general, you have support problems with a system when they don’t have enough people responding to inquiries, and then when there’s a problem you can never find anyone. This does not happen with Autologica, we’re happy that they continually add support staff”.