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Automation, control, and support are the perfect combination in a DMS 

We spoke with our client Sergio Trepat Automobiles S.A., an official Mini dealership located in Buenos Aires. The dealership has been a Mini dealer since it opened in 2009, and has been using Autologica Sky DMS as its dealer management system since the first day. 

Jonathan Pirela works in the Administrative Department at Sergio Trepat Automobiles S.A., and in our talk, Jonathan highlighted three key points he values when using Autologica: automation, control, and support

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Automation in the workshop 

“We use DealerTablet daily; its a solution that makes our work in the Service Department easier by allowing us to open repair orders automatically.” This app for Service Advisors allows the reception checklist to be carried out quickly on a tablet, and all the inspection information travels automatically to the repair order in the DMS. 

Dealers who use DealerTablet have seen an improvement of up to 33% in the time it takes for each vehicle reception. 

Comprehensive controls 

“The Cashier module is one of my favorites because not only is it the one I use the most, but from there I can see information from other modules, without having to open them. For example, from a single place I can see the invoicing of parts, the invoicing of services, administrative issues, and other information”. Centralization, the integration between all departments, and easy access to information is a top feature of Autologica Sky DMS. This is complemented by over 100 key management reports. 

As Jonathan explained, “Reports are a key part of the daily management in any department. In my case, the billing, open orders, and third-party invoices in repair orders are key to verifying payments.” 

Dedicated support 

Support is provided directly to us by our Account Manager, Virginia Vandamme, who is wonderful; she is attentive, kind, and, above all, she responds very quickly”. This is not a minor point, quite the opposite; understanding the dealer’s business and helping with their questions is a priority for us. This also highlights the difference between a generic ERP system and industry-specific software with a great team behind it.