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Autologica DMS and Pilot Solution integrate to enhance the dealership sales experience

Autologica Sky DMS is now integrated with Pilot CRM, facilitating, automating, and improving the exchange of information between both solutions.

This integration saves time, eliminates manual errors, and avoids double data entry. This ensures that information is always updated so that the sales staff has more time to focus on building relationships with potential customers.

Autologica Sky DMS receives the following information from Pilot CRM:

  • Customer information to automatically create or update their data.
  • Sales requests so as to create them in Autologica Sky DMS, including model, price, salesperson, type of sale, payment method, etc.
  • Models loaded in Pilot CRM that need to be available in Autologica Sky DMS.

In turn, Autologica Sky DMS sends key information to Pilot CRM:

  • Billing information for sales requests created from Pilot CRM.
  • Vehicle inventory so that salespeople know what is available.

This is an important milestone that cements one of the key pillars of Autologica Sky DMS: to be a highly integrable DMS that generates synergy with cutting-edge solutions, in order to boost the results of vehicle dealerships”.

Alfredo McClymont, CEO of Autologica.