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Autologica accompanies us as we grow the business

Lowe was founded in 1934 when a Ford executive offered William Lowe and his father Ernesto the opportunity to open a car dealership. Initially, Lowe’s founders saw this less as a business opportunity than as a glimmer of hope to provide jobs and means of mobility to the local pioneers.


Multiple locations


Real-time multi-store information.

Lowe is a Ford and Volkswagen dealership that is constantly growing, and one of the challenges that arose was how to open several stores without losing control of the company.

They needed a system that would help them grow and that allowed them to know what is happening on each department of each store.

In 2006 they decided to deploy Autologica Sky DMS at their Ford and Volkswagen (VW) dealers, attaining administration and control of all the stores from a single place.

“The problem with the system we were using was that we couldn’t network with the branches. That is the main benefit we see in Autologica; since its deployment we’ve been able to work online with all our stores”.

“Since we started working with Autologica we have opened stores throughout the whole province and we can work online instantly with each of them”.

“Autologica DMS provides us with a clear picture of what is happening at the warehouses, with sales, purchases, and factory orders regarding Ford parts, which is the most important information for us”.

“We are setup in such a way that we can see what the other stores are doing. If there is a variation in the price list, for example, we can detect and evaluate the issue thanks to the communication the system provides”.

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Having accurate information of each department.


Management reports.

In big dealerships, it is a disadvantage to depend on the reports from each department manager. In many occasions general managers or owners have to make rapid decisions but they delay because they are waiting for the reports from each department. With Autologica DMS, Lowe can see the reports when needed.

“We can create action plans based on the reports. With the previous systems we depended on each manager writing a monthly department management report. Not today. Now I don’t need to ask any manager about the month performance thanks to the different management reports in Autologica. Through these reports we can start taking corrective measures or see how each department is working”. Alexandra Lowe – General Manager

“Service reports are very thorough; we can analyze every detail of the service department, from the time application to the billing of each specific field”. Fabian Arturo Graumann – Service Manager

“We were used to the previous system but it had several weak points. Since we deployed Autologica, reports are excellent and the system allows us to see the ones we need, everything we want, with ranges and dates, which wasn’t possible before. They used to be very long, now it is a much simpler task”. Gladys Voge – Administration Department Chief

“What I love about Autologica are the management reports, they are very clear and up to date; I have never had a tool as complete as Autologica in my life”. Frances Lowe – Owner


Available support at all times, and solutions to the dealer’s problems.


Autologica technical support.

Since we are a dynamic dealership with a significant number of personnel, system support is essential for us to work properly. Autologica provides its customers with a support staff that knows the system in depth, offering solutions that solve the dealer’s real issues.

“I am an Autologica fan, a true fan. They have an extraordinary group of people and support team. We made the right decision, and I know nowadays OEMs respect Autologica’s professionalism too”.

“We are really happy with our choice. We’ve had constant excellent support from Autologica since the beginning, which is the most important aspect. Since we are inland, on the other side of the country, away from the headquarters of any DMS company; we chose Autologica due to the personal and technical support they gave us. Autologica has been always by our side and helped us grow regarding our business management”.

“You call a company and they tell you they will call you back, and they never do. Autologica doesn’t do that; when they promise to call they call and solve your problem right away. Being able to rely on that kind of support is fundamental to the expedition of tasks”.


Workshop productivity and efficiency.


Autologica technical support.

Lowe’s mission is to provide maximum customer satisfaction.

In order to fulfill this mission, a well-organized service area is crucial. Autologica provides Lowe with tools to take better care of their Ford and Volkswagen customers.

With the Technician Control Panel, service managers know which technician takes each task, who performed more internal jobs and who focused more on warranties for example. This way, managers can define and organize workers’ tasks.

“Autologica has the Technician Panel, which is very thorough and complex; even Ford OEM was surprised to see it in digital format. We used to have a manually operated board, but now everything is organized, it is very appealing and original”.

“In the Technician Panel we see scheduled occupancy, what each technician is doing at all times, whether they are doing warranty work…”.

“We use the Technician Panel to see technicians’ occupancy times and the repair processes on each vehicle. We can see who is working on each vehicle and in which process the repair is. If the repair is initiated it is color green, if its delayed then it shows another color, and if the technician is free we can see it on the panel, so we can assign them another task. This improved the efficiency of workshop tasks, made everything easier and more dynamic”.