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A Solution That Integrates Across All Dealership Departments

Fernandes Autohandel is an Isuzu, Honda, Subaru and Volkswagen dealership in Suriname. The company was founded in 1953 and is known for its mission and desire to provide the highest quality products and as well as excellent service to its customers.

In 2018 they began using Autologica DMS as their dealer management system to further organize and professionalize the dealership. We recently spoke with the dealership team about their experience with our DMS.

Autologica DMS is an integral solution that contemplates each department of the dealership, their key processes and the needs of our different roles. This conversation reflects Autologica’s contribution to our dealership processes, and we want to share the story of Fernandes Autohandel with you.

“With Autologica it is easier to see all of the dealership’s information”.

Ranjeeta Bendter, Manager Business Control.


We spoke with Anushka Charan, Sales Back Office team member at Fernandes Autohandel, and she explained that not only does she feel the system is easy to use, but that she can now have a more efficient control of vehicles in stock.

“I really like Autologica DMS because the controls I perform at the end of the month are simple, easy to read and very detailed”.

Anushka Charan, Sales Back Office.

The controls carried out by Anushka Charan include the department’s sales margins, discounts offered, billing, inventory information, and sales of new and used vehicles, among others.

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“The Sales Department Voucher Detail Report is crucial for me because it summarizes all the information and data that I have to present to the director and to management”.

Anushka Charan, Sales Back Office.

Another interesting fact Anushka mentioned is that the Marketing Department requires information from the Sales Department, such as customer data, the vehicles each customer owns, etc., to carry out sales campaigns. With Autologica DMS they can obtain this information quickly, which simplifies steps and speeds up the interaction between departments.


In the Services Department, in addition to Appoint365 (online workshop scheduler) and DealerTablet (tablet-based app to manage vehicle reception), the dealership began to use the Job Clock tool to control and improve the efficiency and productivity of the workshop. We spoke with Faisal Abdul Sovan, Service Manager, who told us how Job Clock helps the Service Department.

“I think Job Clock is a great tool for measuring shop efficiency. Not only am I able to measure hours, but I now have parts, labor, and billing information available to present to management”.

Faisal Abdul Sovan.

Faisal explained to us that now he can know the billing, participation, and performance of each technician, and that the information is clear and easy to access. In addition, technicians can now easily mark their job hours on a touchscreen in the workshop, and that information is seen by the Service Manager on a dashboard to detect delays, for example.

“Now that we use Job Clock we can have the actual start and end time of each job, and all that information is stored in the system”.

Faisal Abdul Sovan.

Thanks to the implementation of the Job Clock that allows them to have greater control over time and productivity, they are now analyzing implementing an incentive systems or actions to improve productivity.

Control of repair orders

With Autologica DMS, Faisal can see the repair orders that have been open, for example, for more than 45 days. They can now analyze the reason why they are still open (lack of parts, for example) and find out what needs to be done to get them closed.

More organized and traceable work

Anna Dijksteel, who oversees purchases parts and inventory management, explained how Autologica helps her to work in a more orderly way.

“What I like about Autologica DMS is that receipts are 100% integrated with each other. This allows each user to follow a series of steps in each type of voucher, which prevents them from making mistakes”.

Anna Dijksteel, Spare Parts Purchasing Management.

On how Autologica DMS helps her in her work, Anna pointed out that thanks to the Purchase Report she can see what was purchased, what was invoiced, out-of-stock parts, importation prices, and other key information, in order to make accurate decisions based on reliable information.


Finally, we spoke with Marita Soeroto, Finance Manager, who told us about the featuresa and reports that she uses in her daily work for financial management.

She highlighted:

  • Control of receipts and expenses
  • Report of what was collected in cash
  • Current account reports
  • Analysis of the evolution of pending payments
  • Vouchers for importation expenses
  • Possibility of closing accounting periods (monthly and annual)
  • Reports and warranty processes

“About Autologica… it’s a good system. We want to get the best out of it”.

Henk Rahan, Project Manager.