A Few Clicks That Save 80 Hours Every Month

Agronorte is an official John Deere dealership with more than 50 years of experience in the industry, a presence in 5 provinces of Argentina, and a marked vocation and talent to offer the best satisfaction and experience to its customers. For more than fifteen years, they have chosen us as suppliers of their dealer management system, a relationship that fills us with pride.

One of the advantages of a DMS developed for the heavy equipment industry is that it has features and integrations that solve very specific issues. Autologica Sky DMS adapts to each dealership’s processes, but also to the needs of each manufacturer and brand.

Autologica’s interfaces allow the quick loading of information, as well as sending and receiving data between the dealership and the OEM. Without interfaces, all these tasks would need to be performed manually, consuming hours that could be spent on more meaningful tasks.

Fabricio San Martín, Chief Accountant of Agronorte, an official John Deere dealer, told us about the experience they have had using one of the latest interfaces developed by Autologica.

“On average, we had been manually uploading around 1,000 receipts every month, which took us more than 80 hours, and we still had about two thousand receipts left without uploading. This is now resolved automatically with the Invoice, Debit, Credit and Payment Interface“.

Fabricio San Martín, Chief Accountant, Agronorte.

In addition to saving time, this interface reduces errors to zero and frees up a lot of time to invest in strategic tasks.

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“It is also very simple to use, and another plus is that we don’t need to configure it for the agricultural or construction sector… that is also a great contribution.”

Fabricio San Martín, Chief Accountant, Agronorte.

One Interface for All Branches

Given the number of invoices issued to Agronorte, they were distributed among their fifteen branches with the aim of lightening and speeding up the load. Even so, there was never enough time to enter them.

“To save time, we were uploading debit and credit notes manually in such a way that they compensated. At the fiscal and current account levels they ended up compensating, but at the reporting and accounting level this did not help. This new interface saves us time and at the same time tidies up our accounting information“.

Fabricio San Martín, Chief Accountant, Agronorte.