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4 hours saved every day in the workshop with Autologica Sky DMS

With more than 40 years in the automotive industry, and more than 30 years as an official Toyota dealer, Autosiglo S.A. has become a leading dealership in the region, with a strong focus on customers and on the pillars of the Kaizen philosophy.

One of the premises that drives R&D projects at Autologica is the search for improvements that translate into time savings for managers, so that they can focus on strategies and action plans without having to think about repetitive or inefficient tasks. Job Clock is one of those projects

Autologica Sky DMS allows each person within each department at the dealership to perform their tasks in an efficient and orderly way. Job Clock, for its part, applies the same philosophy but in the workshop.

This application, used on a touch screen in the workshop, allows technicians to quickly register their hours worked on each job, with the aim of maximizing the department’s results. 

It was in search of this optimization that Autosiglo S.A. implemented Job Clock to further enhance the power of the DMS. 

“Previously, time control in the workshop was a manual process. We had a person fully dedicated to the enormous task of data entry for all the daily time sheets. After implementing the Job Clock, each technician easily marks the start and end times for each task”.

Sergio Basile, After-Sales Manager | Autosiglo S.A 

Immense time savings in a single tool 

“With the Job Clock, we fully automated the process for measuring hours and managed to save an additional 4 hours per day“.

Sergio Basile, After-sales Manager | Autosiglo S.A. 

As the saying goes, what can be measured can be improved. Job Clock allows the After-sales Manager to detect how each technician hour is invested in the workshop. This is essential information to know the status of the department and to make timely decisions. 

For an After-sales Manager, Job Clock is a key tool for measuring efficiency and productivity, detecting and analyzing delays, seeing the performance of each technician to detect training opportunities, for reorganizing the workshop, etc.